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Inclusion and Diversity.

You can be yourself here

The I&D vision /goal

  • Best Buy reflects our customer base and the population of the communities in which we serve. Our culture is inclusive.
  • “At my core, I believe our people are the secret to our success. It is my responsibility as CEO to unleash their power by nurturing a diverse and inclusive environment, one in which employees can bring their whole selves – their best selves – to work each day. At the same time, it is our collective responsibility to welcome each other’s unique experiences, skills and perspectives and come to value those that differ from our own. When we connect our individual.” – Corie Barry
  • At Best Buy we’ll include people from all backgrounds and identities; we’ll maintain open and transparent communication about our goals, opportunities and challenges; we’ll anticipate changing demographics and what we need to prepare for the future.
  • Our I&D outcome is to foster an inclusive culture that embraces our differences and provides employees an environment where they can bring their whole selves to work.

Best Buy 2021 impact

Best Buy has always cared about inclusion and diversity, so what’s different now? The short answer is our employees. Because of their efforts, our successful transition from Renew Blue to Best Buy 2021 has given the company the capacity to accelerate our efforts. Best Buy already attracts diverse top talent because we put our strong values into action, but like many companies, we have struggled to fully include all voices and perspectives at all levels of leadership. We are committed to changing this.

Expand what we sell by innovating and improving upon our existing strengths in areas like Smart Home Management, Assured Living and Total Tech Support.

Evolve how we sell by improving the customer experience and more effectively addressing their needs and enriching their lives with the help of technology.

Geek Squad

Strategic pillars

Our pillars are dedicated to supporting the growth and development of our employees and our business, as well as strengthening our communities.

Strategic Pillars Illustration

Workforce: Assisting Best Buy with attracting and recruiting a more diverse workforce through referrals and assistance at career fairs.
Goal: Achieve a skilled, high performance workforce at every level; one that is reflective of the diverse marketplace.

Workplace: Environment that values the uniqueness of everyone through cultural awareness and signature events.
Goal: Foster an inclusive culture that embraces our differences and drives innovation to accelerate our growth.

Marketplace: Partnering with business units to improve brand awareness in diverse communities and assisting in product innovation utilizing the variety of backgrounds and experiences of our employees.
Goal: Hold high expectations of business leaders and our vendor partner to support and respect the need for inclusion and diversity as a competitive advantage.

Community: Supporting community outreach efforts through consolidated volunteering efforts.
Goal: Cultivate external relationships with professional, non-profit and civic groups to support business and corporate social responsibility priorities.

Overview of our programs

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are voluntary, employee-led groups made up of individuals who collaborate together in their workplace based on shared characteristics or life experiences. ERGs play a vital role in advancing Best Buy’s Diversity & Inclusion strategy by focusing on the recruitment and advancement of underrepresented employee populations. Our ERGs include: Asian, Black, disABILITIES, LatinX, Military, Pride, and Women’s.

Focused Involvement Networks (FINs) are groups of people who network around a common interest or shared passion. FINs bring the passion of employees together to: Increase awareness and a sense of community through a common interest.

Inclusion and Diversity Steering Committees are cross-functional groups of leaders within a territory or business unit. Members drive work related to the Workforce and Workplace pillars, focusing on attracting and investing in top talent and fostering an inclusive workplace.

‘Candid Conversations’ is a forum that encourages open discussions between team members on various topics that are perhaps tricky to discuss in the workplace. At Best Buy, we aim to create healthy connections with others while building trust and empathy on the path to true inclusion. We strive to make sure employees have a venue to have these difficult conversations.

Diverse Abilities

Your unique skills make us better.

At Best Buy, we believe leveraging different abilities and perspectives are critical to delivering the best solutions. Your only limitation should be your imagination. That’s why we don’t believe in disability – only diverse abilities. Everyone can offer something unique to help us serve our customers better.

At Best Buy you will find a place that embraces, celebrates and leverages the rich dimensions of every person.