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Our Culture.

It’s what sets us apart.

The Way We Lead is framed by our three guiding behaviors – Be human, Make it real, and Think about tomorrow. This helps us maintain excellence in leadership at Best Buy and ultimately provide the best guest experience possible. Our supportive leaders collaborate with their teams through ongoing feedback to ensure continual growth. They inspire our people to bring their best selves to work. Conversations with leaders focus on amplifying each person’s strengths and setting up employees for future success. By investing in our employee experience, we empower our teams to provide service that leaves customers feeling excited, confident, and appreciated.

We are committed to maintaining an inclusive culture that values everyone’s talents, life experiences and backgrounds. We accomplish this with the help of our guiding behaviors.

Be Human.
We put people before all else. Although we’re surrounded by increasingly exciting technology, we always keep our focus on the real reason we’re here: human connections. It’s how we elevate our customer experience from great to world-class.

Make It Real.
We bring the extraordinary into the everyday. Our products are constantly empowering our customers in new ways. Because of how quickly technology changes, we must remember that not everyone who comes through our doors is an expert – that’s what we’re here for.

Think About Tomorrow.
We account for what comes next, it makes all the difference. At Best Buy, we aren’t satisfied by simply addressing today’s needs. Instead, we’re dedicated to equipping people for whatever the future demands.

Best Buy offers a fun, energetic work environment with a focus on each employee’s personal development. Let’s talk about what’s possible.™

Our Values

Having Fun While Being the Best

At Best Buy, we pride ourselves on being an exciting and rewarding place to work. We love using our products to improve our customers’ lives. It’s hard not to have fun working with the latest technology, and when we have fun while doing our jobs, everyone benefits.

Learning from Challenge and Change

Here at Best Buy, we recognize that we’re all human. We often have to overcome unique challenges, and we work in an industry that’s constantly changing. Thankfully, our supportive team is here to help grow from challenge and embrace change.

Unleashing the Power of Our People

Everyone on our team has their own story to tell, and everyone brings a unique set of experiences. Our people are empowered to be their best selves. We love using our team’s diverse talents to deliver a world-class customer experience and enrich lives through technology.

Showing Respect, Humility and Integrity

We are constantly focused on improving. As our employees challenge themselves to grow their talent, their confidence improves — and so does our customer experience. We believe that every person in our store deserves to be treated with respect, and every customer deserves honest, impartial service.

Awards and Recognition

We are always focused on improving as a company. From enhancing our client experience to maintaining a culture of inclusion and personal development, we constantly find new opportunities to shine. Our team of over 100,000 employees have worked relentlessly to make Best Buy stand out.

As we strive to be the best employer and retailer possible, we are honored to receive awards and recognition in the categories of ethics, training, carbon reduction and more.